Justice League

In today’s feature presentation, we have the dark knight himself– Batman!  However, before I get into that, I must explain my long absence.  This is all due to the fact that my boss has been on vacation, so man of us are left balancing out the responsibility left behind by him. Batman as everyone knows is Bruce Wayne, millionaire playboy whose parents were murdered when he was eight.  Growing up with butler Alfred, Bruce Wayne eventually left Gotham City to train so that no child would ever have to feel his pain.

This figure is a representation of the dark knight from the cartoon Justice League.  In this show, Batman is a member of a team of super heroes who operates from a space station.  The show is very good and I particularly like their portrayal of Batman in a team setting.  This figure is exclusively packaged with Wonder Pig as in an episode of the afore-mentioned show, Wonder Woman was turned into a pig by Circe.  Throughout the episode, Batman does everything he can to change Wonder Woman back into a woman.  He first seeks Zatanna (as she is a magician).  However, Batman loses Wonder Woman and he has to call B’wana Beast (as he has heightened animal senses) to track her down. The episode is very memorable as Batman has to sing to get Circe to change Wonder Woman back in the end.

Zatanna attempts to change Wonder Pig back.

B’wana Beast tracks for wonder PIg

This figure is more of a shelf piece than a functional figure as he has five points only of articulation and thus cannot do very much.  However, he is well-sculpted and true to his appearance of the cartoon.  Thus I cannot fault the sculpting as more articulation would have made the figure bulkier and less cartoon accurate.  Quick Robin to the Batmobile.  8 out of 10.

Star Lord out.

End Transmission.

p.s. here’s a link to Batman singing:


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  1. That’s a pretty sweet figure. I like that they went with the blue cape and cowl here. Wonder Pig seals the deal. I concur with your rating.

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