On July 1st, Canada day, my blog was first created and so I present to you the mystery special!!!











Superhero Biography Happy anniversary (and Canada day), faithful readers!  Today, I bring you a truly Canadian hero Captain Canuck I. Now without further ado…  Captain Canuck I was born Tom Evans in 1980 in Canada, “the most important country in the world”.   Due to Canada’s new importance new measures were taken to ensure national security.  Hence, two men were selected to become secret agents of C.I.S.O. (Canadian International Security Organization) one of whom was Tom.  Unfortunately, one of the men turned out to be a double agent called Blue Fox, leaving Tom Evans, also known as Captain Canuck.  He later received powers from extraterrestrials.

Powers  and Abilities:

  • super strength (can open submarine door while submerged)
  • gadgets
  • skilled combatant


  • can be knocked out by electricity
  • can be over powered by animals (e.g. a hungry polar bear)

Hope you have enjoyed all my posts.  Here’s to another 365 days!

Star lord out.

End transmission


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  1. Happy anniversary Sidus. I don’t know if Canada is the most important country in the world but I’d say it’s the greatest.

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