423px-Starlord 02Hello!  My name is Sidus Ang. I am from Singapore a small country in Southeast Asia. I currently reside in Canada.  I love to read comics and watch the related movies and T.V. series.  Some of my favorite comics include Superior Spider-Man, Secret Avengers, Scarlet Spider and Venom. I also enjoy collecting toys based on comics.  Some of the toys you will see reviewed on the blog will be Star Wars, Star Trek, G. I.Joe and Marvel among many others.  I will try to keep my posts varied but a lot of my blog posts will be about G.I. Joe Action  figures as it is my favorite toy line.  I have been  a big Joe fan for a long time.  I have enjoyed the movies, the T.V. series and the comics of G.I. Joe .  I will also be reviewing movies like the “Man of Steel”.  The reason this blog is called Star Lord’s quadrant is because my name is Sidus and my middle name is Kai Zer. If you roughly translate it, it means Star Lord, Like Peter Quill the super hero Star Lord. If you don’t know who he is, I recommend that you find out more about him as he is a very cool character who will be in a movie called “Guardians of the Galaxy “.

Enjoy  my blog!

Star Lord out.

End Transmission.

  1. Awesome. Looking forward to reading your reviews.

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