Superhero Biography #4 (Captain Britain [Brian Braddock]) {I}

Superhero Biography

Brian Braddock was born in the quaint town of Maldon, Essex Britain.  He lived a quiet life with his family consisting of his parents, a twin sister and an older brother. After his parents’ deaths Brian went to study at Thames University in London. During a term break, Brian worked at Darkmoor research facility. While working there, he was attacked by the villain known as the Reaver, whose intent was to kidnap scientists to sell them to dictators. Brian escaped on his motor bike to get help. However the Reaver intended for the scene to appear as if the scientist died in an explosion and ran Brian off the road, causing him to drive off a cliff.


Brian was fatally wounded but awoke to the sight of Merlyn and his daughter’s, Roma’s, images speaking to him from the sky, asking him to choose  between the “The Amulet of Right” and “The Sword of Might” to save his life.  Brian decided he wasn’t much of a fighter and so the picked “The Amulet of Right” and became CAPTAIN BRITAIN. He easily defeated the Reaver’s men but the Reaver grabbed “The Sword of Might” and likewise transformed. Despite this minor setback Brian still was able to defeat the Reaver and save the scientists.  Since then, whenever Captain Britain is needed, Brian would just touch the amulet and become Captain Britain! Or so it was this way for awhile… watch out for part 2 and so on.


Captain Britain’s powers and sources of his power:

Originally, Brian’s powers stemmed from “The Amulet of Right” giving him a list of powers including:

  • super strength
  • stamina
  • agility
  • manifestation of his Star Sceptre


He also was given the Star Sceptre by Merlyn from the original staff of Merlyn. This item grants him more abilities including:

  • force fields
  • energy blasts
  • flight for up to 15 minutes
  • increased super strength
  • extension of the sceptre to be wielded as a staff


Star Lord out.

End transmission. 


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  1. It’s nice to see you blogging again. And I like the site’s new look.

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