Super Hero Biography #6 (Guy Gardner[ Not Green Lantern yet]) {earth 1 pre crisis}

Super hero biography

Today’s post is requested by a friend and fellow “internetainer” Qawy.  Here’s his “You Tube” channel where he does speed art and entertaining videos: Mr.HotIce Productions 1


Guy Gardner was born the son of Roland (Rolly) Gardner and Peggy Gardner. Guy had a tough childhood, being often beaten by his abusive father (jerk).  However, Guy tried very hard to impress his father, even going to the extent of building a radio out of scratch. However, his father only appreciated the achievements of Guy’s brother, Mace. Guy’s only escape was reading comics such as General Glory. He even modeled his hair after General Glory’s sidekick (as seen below).  As Guy got older, he began to grow disgruntled with his father. He started causing trouble at school and later ended up more times than not on the wrong end of the law.  He got into trouble for starting fights and stealing cars.  As a result he ended up in juvenile hall very often.  When he became a legal adult (18 years of age), his criminal life caught up with him. A couple of flat foots (police) caught Guy trying to steal a car.  However, instead of taking him to jail, the officers took him to see his brother (Mace) who had enlisted these men to help straighten Guy out. Mace gave him a wad of cash to get him started.  This was the starting moment of Guy’s new path. He soon went to get a job. So, to start out, Guy got his G.E.D. (General Education Diploma). He also began an education at the prestigious University of Michigan (U of M), where he graduated with a Bachelor’s in psychology and education. Unfortunately upon his return home he found things worst then ever. His brother had been kicked out of the police force for extortion of several drug dealers his brother ended up drowning himself in the local river due to depression. Due to this his father’s drinking habit went out of control killing him in the process. Guy always had anger management issues and used this to motivate himself to help other people in his position. He became a social class worker and helped out prison inmates. One such inmate was Hal Jordan(later Green Lantern) he was in prison for an alcohol problem. While in the middle of a prison riot, Guy angrily attacked an inmate. In the end, Hal had to drag Guy off.  Guy left his job after this incident as it was only making his rage and aggression worse. Guy’s new job was as a P.E. teacher and he loved this and the kid’s loved him for he was their favorite teacher.  Around this time the dying Green Lantern(intergalactic space police force dedicated to peace and justice) of sector 2814 (that would be our neighborhood) crashed on our planet Guy was one of two local men chosen as he and the other man had indomitable will. However, he was too far away so Abin Sur (the crashed Green Lantern) instructed   the ring to pick the other man Hal Jordan.




Powers and abilities:

  • Strength, speed agility of a man who partakes in regular exercise
  • advance knowledge on  guns
  • ability to ride bikes
  • can hot wire automobiles
  • indomitable will
  • excessively aggressive and angry


  • excessively angry and aggressive
  • hotheaded
  •  insubordinate

Star lord out.

End transmission.

Post Script: stay tune for our next thrilling installment the first original dual identity super hero: the Scarlet Pimpernel.


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