Super Hero Biography #3 Green Hornet (Britt Reid SR.)

Super Hero Biography

Who is the underworld figure known as the Green Hornet? Well, strap in if you want to find out.  Britt Reid Sr. is the son of wealthy newspaper (“The Sentinel” based in Chicago, USA) owner, Dan Reid Jr., the nephew of the Lone Ranger. When Britt was about 20 years old. He traveled the world. On one such trip to China, Britt saved a chinese man named Kato from Japanese brutality during WW2. In gratitude for saving his life, Kato then became Britt’s bodyguard. The two men became close friends and they returned to America to fight crime with Britt as the Green Hornet along with Kato his unnamed valet. They, also have a super car known as the “Black Beauty”. The Green Hornet was thought to be a criminal himself as Britt believed the best way to fight crime was from within.  The Green Hornet uses tranquilizer darts and a gas gun to battle crime.  Britt was now the owner of “The Sentinel” as his father had passed on. He used the newspaper  to  further boost his reputation as the Green Hornet.  After five years, he retired as there was no crime left in the city.  Hope that you have enjoyed today’s post. If you would like to read something else, feel free to leave a message.

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  1. You’ve been covering a lot of Dynamite characters lately. Do you read many of the current books?

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