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Fun Fact of the Day #3

Fun Facts

Recently my uncle has agreed to pass down some of his old toys which includes MASK so thank you Uncle.  You might be wondering just what MASK is.  Well MASK stands for Mobile Armor Strike Kommand and is a counter terrorism team that fights crime with transforming vehichles and helmets called MASKs.  Their team leader is Matt Trakker.  The team’s main enemy is Venom Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem led by Miles Mayhem. The MASK team’s symbol is Ultra Flash Matt Trakker’s first Mask.  The original team met up for missions in a gas station called Boulder Hill that could transform into a military fort.  The second series of MASK strayed from the counter terrorist force and was about racing with missions involved in the races.  The series was featured in a TV show and comics, which, in my opinion were very good.  After the toys, comics and show ended, MASK did not appear much except for a new figure which was part of the GI Joe toy line called Specialist Trakker.  It explained that MASK was part of GI Joe and VENOM was part of Cobra.  MASK was also recently mentioned in Transformers Prime.  MASK is a very cool series and here is a link to the theme song from the show:
I highly recommend that you look into this stuff.
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