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Ultra Poseable Spider Man


Faithful readers, as I had stated in a previous post, work had become incredibly busy.   However, I have managed to find some free time and I find myself here writing this review.  Anyway, I would like to dedicate today’s post to Mike and his incredible site . I would like to thank Mike for  his help with this site.  So, this is Peter Parker,  the amazing Spider-Man (one of Mike’s favourite super heroes and coincidentally mine) as he appeared in the 2012 movie “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

Spider-Man is one of the most well-known super heroes. As his origin story goes.  Peter Parker was always the nerdy science geek and victim of the bullies. He was raised lovingly by his Aunt and Uncle since his parents had died when Peter was two(they had died on a spy mission). One day, he went on a field trip to a science lab and was bitten by a radioactive spider. He then began to undergo a metamorphosis into a human spider. He gained the  proportionate strength of a spider, its ability to climb walls,  and also an ESP warning sense of danger. He also fashioned web fluid as a means of transportation and weaponry.  This may all sound inspiring but it’s only half the story. Peter now had all this power at his disposal and wanted to use it to make money.  So, he became a wrestler. When a man in the building where the wrestling office was located was robbed, Peter let the thief go free. He felt it wasn’t his obligation to stop the thief.  The thief got away, and as a result, his beloved Uncle  was shot when the thief tried to rob Peter’s house. Peter went after the crook and when he found out his Uncle’s killer was the thief he had set free Peter decided to become Spider Man to make up for his Uncle Ben getting killed.

This figure is said to be ultra poseable. Let’s see how it holds up to all the hype. First, we’ll have a look at the sculpting. The sculpting on this figure is beautiful and the paint is amazing you can see all the textures as in the movie and it’s aesthetically pleasing.  The figure itself is very flexible and able to move its feet in every direction. The same goes for its hands. It also has double-jointed knees; thighs with swivels hinged joints, torso articulation; double-jointed elbows with swivel biceps; peg shoulders, and a peg head with a hinge that allow it to look up and down! So Ultra Poseable easily the ultimate articulation on a 3 3/4 inch figure. (If you have a suggestion on what you want me to write on next, leave a comment be it movies, fun facts, super hero biographies or figure reviews. Keep on reading, true believers.)  10 out of 10.

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Spider-Man 2099

Marvel Universe

Today I am reviewing one of my favorite characters–Spider-Man 2099.  This is Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of Earth 982 a dystopian  future ruled by profit-mad corporations.  Miguel was an employee who was going to quit his job at  Alchemax (one of two very strong corporations)  when his boss planted a highly addictive illegal drug  into his cup.  When he tried to get rid of the addiction through gene therapy, his evil lab partner planted all sorts of DNA into the machine, thereby giving him spider powers.  These powers include talons, super strength, accelerated vision, venom that comes out from fangs and spinnerets.  In the end, he led the dystopian future into a utopia 1000 years later.  The character first appeared in the 90s but we have not seen musch of him since then.  Until now … Miguel is set to return in Superior Spider Man #17-19.

This figure has a simple look to it but it is quite flexible and posable as a Spider-Man should be.  It also has arm spikes. 9.9 out of 10

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Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 19 Textless

Is this the end of Miguel as we know it?

Iron Man (Silver Centurion) Iron man 2

 Marvel Universe

Today’s review is by special request of my good friend, Jalyse.  Jalyse is a big Iron Man fan and so it would seem natural that she would want to see Iron Man on my blog.

Iron Man is Tony Stark, a billionaire genius and owner of Stark Expo.  He is the son of Howard and Maria Stark.  (he was genetically engineered) While in the womb, with Kree (alien) technology to enhance his thought process.  When he was in Afghanistan, he is kidnapped by terrorists.  Injured with a shard in his heart he was forced to create weapons for them.  He made a suit that helps him to heal and break out of captivity.  Years later  in Iron Man #200 (1985), he created another suit, The Mark 7, and used it until it was destroyed by a missile.  This suit was amazing.  It was bigger and more powerful.  It included a booster pack on its back so that he could fly better. It also included shoulder pads.  The other improvements are listed below:

  • Flight was improved with new turbines for the boot jets. A separate booster pack could also be used.
  • Individual armor parts stored a small emergency charge.
  • Repulsors and the uni-beam were enhanced. Pulse bolts gained energy as they traveled up to a certain point.
  • Other weapons included a heat lance, cutting lasers, an electric shock, variator rays, and a tractor beam.
  • A disruptor field was used against electrical systems. The sonic distorter could also be used to disrupt opponents.
  • Freon streams handled fire.
  • A ‘six-second’ force-field greatly enhanced protection for a short time, but consumed considerable power.
  • Refractory coating blunted lasers and other energy attacks.
  • An absorption grid could be used to absorb energy from various sources.
  • Life support equipment was considerably enhanced: recycled air, water and nutrients could last an indefinite amount of time.
  • The “chameleon effect” generated a hologram to make the armor blend in with its surroundings. Due to harmful interference with his nervous system, Stark limited its use.
  • Electromagnetic sensors could determine layouts of structures and identify stolen Stark technology.
  • Negator packs neutralized and destroyed stolen Stark technology.

It was also the first silver and red suit ever.  This suit was showcased in Iron Man 3 towards the end of the movie.

This figure came in the Iron Man 2 concept series  and is amazingly detailed with the booster pack, repulsors on his hands and thrusters on his feet.

An amazing figure. 9.5 out of 10.

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In Iron Man 3.