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Red Star (Version 2)


Today’s review is a special one.  This is Starlord’s Quadrant’s 10th post.  I have randomly picked up Red Star from a box filled with figures for review.  Red Star succeeded Co. Bhrekhov as leader of The Oktober Guard.  Col. Bhrekhov had been killed.  Strangely, he resembles Bhrekhov and even enjoys cigars just like Bhrekhov.  Usually thought to be the Soviet‘s (Russia after the Cold War) equivalent of G.I. Joe, they are in fact composed of members from several Warsaw Pact countries. Unlike the Joes, the team is composed of just a small squad and most do not use code names.  Red Star was a member of G.I.Joe at one point during an exchange program.  His real name is Capt. Anatoly Fyodorovich Krimov. During his tenure with G.I.Joe, he was called Colonel Krimov.  His current status and location are unknown.

Red Star came in a comic 2 pack with Duke v.27 and a comic. This figure comes with a removable hat, a revolver, a satchel, a backpack and a Russian machine gun.  This figure is amazing. 10 out of 10.

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Awesome hat!

Back pack say Oktober Guard in Russian!


Super Trooper (version 1)


Today’s review is about G.I.Joe’s resident Super Trooper, Paul Latimer.  According to his filecard, he went to West Point (a Military graduate school) and after entered a super soldier program.  In his only appearance, he saved G.I.Joe from a squadron of Cobra Viper’s on his own.

I  got this action figure from my dad on Christmas.  This figure has a helmet, a shield and a machine gun. This guy is not well-known but I like him. 8 out of 10.

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Hawk (version 3)/General Hawk (version 1)


Today’s review is about General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy.  HE is currently the Joe team’s leader.  He used to be a a Colonel and the field commander when  General Flagg was the head of the organization.  In issue # 19, Gen. Flagg was killed and Hawk was promoted to 0-8 (Major General).  He has been portrayed as the leader of G.I.Joe since then.

I recently bought this figure from Whyte Knight for only 10 dollars.  He came with a jet-pack, four missiles, a sub-machine gun and a helmet with a removable glass visor.  The sculpting on this figure is amazing.  I didn’t think I would like this but boy, was I wrong.   8.9 out of 10.

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Jet pack




Sub-Machine Gun

Fun Fact of the Day #2


comics Bucky

Bucky in the movie

Today’s fun fact is about James Buchanan Barnes, better known as “Bucky”.  In the original comics, instead of falling of a train he was blown up by a missile and was presumed died.  In reality he was found without his left arm, by General Vasily Karpov and the crew of a Russian patrol submarine.   He was revived in Moscow but suffered brain damage and amnesia as a result of the explosion.  Scientist attached a bionic arm and continued to upgrade it as time went on.

File:CAPA011 covcol.jpg

Winter Soldier

Bucky as Captain America

Programmed to be a Soviet assassin for Department X, under the code name of Winter Soldier, he was sent on covert wetworks missions, i.e., missions involving assassination, becoming increasingly ruthless and efficient as he killed in the name of the state. While a Soviet agent, he also had a brief relationship with The Black Widow.   While not on missions, he was kept in a cryogenic tube.  Thus he had not aged much since World War II.  Eventually Captain America found him and told him to remember who he was.  Regaining his memories, Bucky became overwhelmed by guilt over his past actions and left.  Eventually he joins S.H.I.E.L.D.  After Captain America was killed in action,  Bucky took over as the new Captain America.  Afterwards, the original Captain America returned from the dead and Bucky was presumed dead.  Actually Bucky had taken Nick Fury’s Infinity Formula and become the Winter Soldier once more.

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Bucky in Captain America 2

Iron Man (Silver Centurion) Iron man 2

 Marvel Universe

Today’s review is by special request of my good friend, Jalyse.  Jalyse is a big Iron Man fan and so it would seem natural that she would want to see Iron Man on my blog.

Iron Man is Tony Stark, a billionaire genius and owner of Stark Expo.  He is the son of Howard and Maria Stark.  (he was genetically engineered) While in the womb, with Kree (alien) technology to enhance his thought process.  When he was in Afghanistan, he is kidnapped by terrorists.  Injured with a shard in his heart he was forced to create weapons for them.  He made a suit that helps him to heal and break out of captivity.  Years later  in Iron Man #200 (1985), he created another suit, The Mark 7, and used it until it was destroyed by a missile.  This suit was amazing.  It was bigger and more powerful.  It included a booster pack on its back so that he could fly better. It also included shoulder pads.  The other improvements are listed below:

  • Flight was improved with new turbines for the boot jets. A separate booster pack could also be used.
  • Individual armor parts stored a small emergency charge.
  • Repulsors and the uni-beam were enhanced. Pulse bolts gained energy as they traveled up to a certain point.
  • Other weapons included a heat lance, cutting lasers, an electric shock, variator rays, and a tractor beam.
  • A disruptor field was used against electrical systems. The sonic distorter could also be used to disrupt opponents.
  • Freon streams handled fire.
  • A ‘six-second’ force-field greatly enhanced protection for a short time, but consumed considerable power.
  • Refractory coating blunted lasers and other energy attacks.
  • An absorption grid could be used to absorb energy from various sources.
  • Life support equipment was considerably enhanced: recycled air, water and nutrients could last an indefinite amount of time.
  • The “chameleon effect” generated a hologram to make the armor blend in with its surroundings. Due to harmful interference with his nervous system, Stark limited its use.
  • Electromagnetic sensors could determine layouts of structures and identify stolen Stark technology.
  • Negator packs neutralized and destroyed stolen Stark technology.

It was also the first silver and red suit ever.  This suit was showcased in Iron Man 3 towards the end of the movie.

This figure came in the Iron Man 2 concept series  and is amazingly detailed with the booster pack, repulsors on his hands and thrusters on his feet.

An amazing figure. 9.5 out of 10.

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In Iron Man 3.

Cobra Commander version 51 (2012)


Baron Ironblood

This figure review was requested by Mike Hyland from  Mike was the one who had inspired me to start blogging so I asked him what he wanted to see on my blog.  He said any high ranking in character in cobra would be great.  I think this is an awesome choice for my blog.  Unfortunately I don’t have many Cobra figures.  The only high ranking member I have is Cobra Commander, so sorry, Mike.  Cobra Commander has been in almost every version of G.I.Joe to date, save for G.I.Joe Extreme.  He is the infamous leader of Cobra. In the original comics he is an ex-used car salesman who feels cheated by the government and so started the Cobra organization.  In the cartoon series he is a scarred scientist of some insect-like pre-humans called Cobra-La sent to be the harbinger of their return.  In the British Action Force series, he is Baron Ironblood, the leader of the Red Shadows (Action Force’s enemy). He later betrays the Red Shadow’s and reveals the location of the Red Shadow’s base to the UN.  Then he forms Cobra as well as taking on a new identity as Cobra Commander.  In Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles, he makes a cameo stating he had helped raise the iron army(evil robots).  In Sigma 6, he is once again leader of Cobra but with no explanation of his origin.  In the live action movie, he is Rex the Baroness brother and the best friend of Duke  (second in command of G.I. Joe).  Later on, he becomes insane.  In Renegades, he is the sickly head of Cobra Industries (Cobra’s cover). However, he masks his ill-health by appearing  only via video screen.

This figure came with the 2012 retail release of the H.I.S.S. Tank from the Retaliation movie line.  Like the other vehicle drivers of this line, he has only five points of articulation.  On the upside, he has some awesome armor with a flame thrower.  I like to think that this is Cobra Commander’s battle suit when he needs to face his enemies.  While mobility, is an issue his sculpting saves him. 8 out of 10.

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Fun fact of the day #1

Alright, this is a new thing that will be on my site daily from now on.  Everyday I will be sharing a fun fact.  This idea came out from a facebook conversation with my friend, Jalyse.  So, thank you, Jalyse!  Okay, today’s fun fact is that the Avengers in the 2012 movie looked completely different from the first comic book appearance back in the 1960s.  For example, the roster was completely different Nick Fury, Captain America, Hawkeye, Agent Coulson and Black Widow were not founding members, instead Ant Man and Wasp were.  Iron man’s suit was huge and golden in color. Thor wore a sleeveless shirt with circles on it instead of armor.  Loki did not wear a cape and was really skinny.

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Steel Brigade Delta version 1 (2011)


Okay, this is the final installment of the history of G.I.Joe.  After about three years of the new sculpt era, a new series of figures was announced to celebrate the line’s 25th anniversary in 2007.  The line was to feature the 25 most popular characters in their most iconic costumes.  The line is so popular that it still is running today although its name has been changed a couple of times from 25th anniversary to Rise of Cobra to Pursuit of Cobra to 30th anniversary and finally Retaliation.  This new era is called the modern era.  The figures now have better joints and have appropriate proportions.  They also come with better weapons like pistols with removable silencers.

Steel brigade figure v 3a 2011

Anyway, this figure is the Steel Brigade Delta combat driver, not to be confused with the Steel Brigade. This figure came packaged with the V.A.M.P. II, which stands for Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle.  It usually comes with Clutch.  The vehicle is really impressive but I’ll save that for another post.  This figure comes with a helmet, a sub-machine gun and two knives, which is all you really need when driving a huge jeep.  His clothes may look plain but I think they work well as camouflage.  His vest is removable and has a lot of details like packs of magazines.  There is something odd  under the helmet (which is now the common vehicle driver helmet).  He seems to be wearing goggles and a mask. I bet it  gets sweaty under there. While this figure is cool, it is non essential to a Joe collection.  5 out of 10.  

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Barbecue version 1 (1985)

 G.I. Joe

If you have read my previous review G.I. Joe Army Paratrooper (2013), you might remember me mentioning the origins of the Joe brand.  Well, this is, in a way, a sequel to that.  After years of success, the Joe line was cancelled in the mid-1970s due to dropping sales.  After about five years, G.I. Joe was re-branded again as America’s daring, highly-trained mission force.  This is how G.I. Joe is seen today in movies.  The line was no longer a single character named G.I. Joe. It was now a team of the best of the best. These figures were 3″ tall.  This era of figure was known as the Real American Hero era. There were originally 13 members (which can be seen on my blog banner) consisting of Hawk, Flash, Grand Slam, Breaker, Short Fuze, Zap,  Rock n’ Roll, Grunt, Scarlett, Steeler, Clutch, Snake Eyes and Stalker.  Over the years, G.I. Joe got more members like Barbecue.  This time the Joes had an enemy to fight –Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.  In the 1990s, the Joe team was filled with ninjas and neon colors which led to the lines demise. In 2002 the line was re-launched as G.I. Joe vs Cobra.  These new figures were quite different from the originals as they were sculpted with new joints.  Most figures during this era called the New Sculpt era often had very long arms and disproportionate bodies.

This figure was released during the Real American Hero era and came out during 1985, one of the best years of G.I. Joe toys.  In 1985, we got characters like Barbecue, Quick Kick and Flint.  This figure is Barbecue and is the Joe team’s firefighter  He is awesome.  He is highly articulated for toys of that time period with swivels at the elbows, torso and head.  He has the coolest look with a suit that looks like a knight’s. He comes with a back pack and foam gun to put out fires and an ax for rescuing people from debris or fighting Cobra. (Even though he is a firefighter, he is often seen fighting).  10 out of 10

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G.I. Joe Army Paratrooper (2011)

G.I. Joe

Alright this is my first actual review.  I thought I would review this Joe doll(That’s right, “doll”!  Read on to find out more) re-creation.  This way, I will get a chance to talk about the history of G.I. Joe.  Well, remember me saying “doll”?  The reason is when G.I. Joe was first put up on the toy shelves back in the 1960s, they were 12″ dolls with interchangeable clothing akin to barbie dolls.  In the 1970s, when  the army was no longer popular, they were re-branded as adventurers like Indiana Jones.  They were called the G.I. Joe Adventure Team.

Okay, so now onto this toy. He came out in the 30th anniversary line in 2011 to celebrate 30 years of G.I. Joe.  He is supposed to be a army paratrooper and his accessories include a back pack with removable parachute, a helmet, a pair of goggles, a M16 gun, a pistol a knife, a  flashlight, a pair of binoculars and a jump pack.  This figure is amazing.  Not only is he able to hold his accessories, his parachute actually works.  His fingers are articulated, which is awesome, and on his left hand his thumbnail is on the bottom.  This is an awesome attention to detail.  Back in the 1960s, they added this so that rival  companies would not be able to steal their mold to make knockoffs as if they did, you would be able to tell from his thumbnail and scar.  This toy retains the classic scar of the original.  His uniform also include a lot of detail with it’s pouches as well as stating that he is a member of G.I. Joe, a ranger and a sniper. His uniform also shows that he is a sergeant.  If you want to have him out of uniform, he has a shirt sculpted underneath with two metal dog tags.  His gun magazines are removable which is another cool thing.  If you don’t own one of these already, I recommend you get one as this is worth all the money you will spend on him. 9 out of 10

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