Luke Skywalker

Star Wars

Today’s review features my first 3″ Luke Skywalker figure.  Luke Skywalker first appeared in Star Wars, a.k.a. Episode IV-A New Hope. Luke was the orphaned son of a great Jedi named Anakin.  When he acquired two droids wanted by an evil empire, his aunt and uncle were killed.  Luke left for revenge with an old Jedi named Ben Kenobi.  Afterwards, went to  they go save a princess with their friends who were pirates (Han and Chewbacca).  Unfortunately Ben was killed during the escape.  Luke joined the Rebel Alliance and destroyed the Death Star.  In the aftermath, Luke and Han received medals of valor.

This figure came out in 2007 and is pretty cool.  He is well-detailed and articulated. He also comes with tons of accessories. So… what brings the quality of this figure down?  The figure’s eyes are starring upwards all the time, like he has been hypnotized.  The figure does come with goggles, a hood and two lightsabers  one activated and one inactive that can be hung on his belt.  7.3 out of 10

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Fun Fact of the Day #3

Fun Facts

Recently my uncle has agreed to pass down some of his old toys which includes MASK so thank you Uncle.  You might be wondering just what MASK is.  Well MASK stands for Mobile Armor Strike Kommand and is a counter terrorism team that fights crime with transforming vehichles and helmets called MASKs.  Their team leader is Matt Trakker.  The team’s main enemy is Venom Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem led by Miles Mayhem. The MASK team’s symbol is Ultra Flash Matt Trakker’s first Mask.  The original team met up for missions in a gas station called Boulder Hill that could transform into a military fort.  The second series of MASK strayed from the counter terrorist force and was about racing with missions involved in the races.  The series was featured in a TV show and comics, which, in my opinion were very good.  After the toys, comics and show ended, MASK did not appear much except for a new figure which was part of the GI Joe toy line called Specialist Trakker.  It explained that MASK was part of GI Joe and VENOM was part of Cobra.  MASK was also recently mentioned in Transformers Prime.  MASK is a very cool series and here is a link to the theme song from the show:
I highly recommend that you look into this stuff.
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…and the winner is…

Due to popular demand and Iron Man 3 no longer being in theaters. The winner is… The Man of Steel!

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(Closed) Which movie would you like me to review?

Which movie would you like to see reviewed next?

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Avengers (2012)


Today on Starlord’s Quadrant, I am reviewing one of the best movies of all time–The Avengers or Avengers Assemble (in Britain).  The movie starts out with an unnamed character and the trickster god, Loki, planning on taking over the Earth.  We are then shown S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division) being attacked by Loki who then steals the most powerful object in the universe–the Tesseract, a.k.a. the Cosmic Cube.  Loki also mind controls Agent Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye.  In response to the attack, Nick Fury (the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) activates the Avengers Initiative.  Agent Romanoff (Black Widow) is sent to Calcutta to recruit Bruce Banner, the Hulk, to trace the Tesseract through its gamma radiation emissions.  Coulson recruits Stark to have him review the information on the Tesseract.  Loki is later captured by Captain America, Black Widow,  Thor and Stark as Iron Man.  While in the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier, Loki causes the Avengers to bicker, leading to Loki’s escape and the apparent death of  S.H.I.E.L.D.’s top agent Coulson.  During the chaos, Hawkeye is released from mind control and the team  bonds again.  Now that the Avengers is on the frontier of war with Loki and an intergalactic army known as the Chitaturi, they put their differences aside and gear up.  After the amazing fight, Loki is taken back to Asgard to pay for his crimes.The Avengers disbands but not before enjoying some shwarma.  It is also revealed that Thanos is the mastermind behind the attack.

Thanos will be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy; Coulson will return in The Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.; The Avengers will return in The Avengers Age of Ultron.

A great movie that deserves many sequels. 20 out of 10.

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Spider-Man 2099

Marvel Universe

Today I am reviewing one of my favorite characters–Spider-Man 2099.  This is Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of Earth 982 a dystopian  future ruled by profit-mad corporations.  Miguel was an employee who was going to quit his job at  Alchemax (one of two very strong corporations)  when his boss planted a highly addictive illegal drug  into his cup.  When he tried to get rid of the addiction through gene therapy, his evil lab partner planted all sorts of DNA into the machine, thereby giving him spider powers.  These powers include talons, super strength, accelerated vision, venom that comes out from fangs and spinnerets.  In the end, he led the dystopian future into a utopia 1000 years later.  The character first appeared in the 90s but we have not seen musch of him since then.  Until now … Miguel is set to return in Superior Spider Man #17-19.

This figure has a simple look to it but it is quite flexible and posable as a Spider-Man should be.  It also has arm spikes. 9.9 out of 10

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Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 19 Textless

Is this the end of Miguel as we know it?

Red Star (Version 2)


Today’s review is a special one.  This is Starlord’s Quadrant’s 10th post.  I have randomly picked up Red Star from a box filled with figures for review.  Red Star succeeded Co. Bhrekhov as leader of The Oktober Guard.  Col. Bhrekhov had been killed.  Strangely, he resembles Bhrekhov and even enjoys cigars just like Bhrekhov.  Usually thought to be the Soviet‘s (Russia after the Cold War) equivalent of G.I. Joe, they are in fact composed of members from several Warsaw Pact countries. Unlike the Joes, the team is composed of just a small squad and most do not use code names.  Red Star was a member of G.I.Joe at one point during an exchange program.  His real name is Capt. Anatoly Fyodorovich Krimov. During his tenure with G.I.Joe, he was called Colonel Krimov.  His current status and location are unknown.

Red Star came in a comic 2 pack with Duke v.27 and a comic. This figure comes with a removable hat, a revolver, a satchel, a backpack and a Russian machine gun.  This figure is amazing. 10 out of 10.

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Awesome hat!

Back pack say Oktober Guard in Russian!

Super Trooper (version 1)


Today’s review is about G.I.Joe’s resident Super Trooper, Paul Latimer.  According to his filecard, he went to West Point (a Military graduate school) and after entered a super soldier program.  In his only appearance, he saved G.I.Joe from a squadron of Cobra Viper’s on his own.

I  got this action figure from my dad on Christmas.  This figure has a helmet, a shield and a machine gun. This guy is not well-known but I like him. 8 out of 10.

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Hawk (version 3)/General Hawk (version 1)


Today’s review is about General Clayton “Hawk” Abernathy.  HE is currently the Joe team’s leader.  He used to be a a Colonel and the field commander when  General Flagg was the head of the organization.  In issue # 19, Gen. Flagg was killed and Hawk was promoted to 0-8 (Major General).  He has been portrayed as the leader of G.I.Joe since then.

I recently bought this figure from Whyte Knight for only 10 dollars.  He came with a jet-pack, four missiles, a sub-machine gun and a helmet with a removable glass visor.  The sculpting on this figure is amazing.  I didn’t think I would like this but boy, was I wrong.   8.9 out of 10.

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Jet pack




Sub-Machine Gun

Fun Fact of the Day #2


comics Bucky

Bucky in the movie

Today’s fun fact is about James Buchanan Barnes, better known as “Bucky”.  In the original comics, instead of falling of a train he was blown up by a missile and was presumed died.  In reality he was found without his left arm, by General Vasily Karpov and the crew of a Russian patrol submarine.   He was revived in Moscow but suffered brain damage and amnesia as a result of the explosion.  Scientist attached a bionic arm and continued to upgrade it as time went on.

File:CAPA011 covcol.jpg

Winter Soldier

Bucky as Captain America

Programmed to be a Soviet assassin for Department X, under the code name of Winter Soldier, he was sent on covert wetworks missions, i.e., missions involving assassination, becoming increasingly ruthless and efficient as he killed in the name of the state. While a Soviet agent, he also had a brief relationship with The Black Widow.   While not on missions, he was kept in a cryogenic tube.  Thus he had not aged much since World War II.  Eventually Captain America found him and told him to remember who he was.  Regaining his memories, Bucky became overwhelmed by guilt over his past actions and left.  Eventually he joins S.H.I.E.L.D.  After Captain America was killed in action,  Bucky took over as the new Captain America.  Afterwards, the original Captain America returned from the dead and Bucky was presumed dead.  Actually Bucky had taken Nick Fury’s Infinity Formula and become the Winter Soldier once more.

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Bucky in Captain America 2