Luke Skywalker

Star Wars

Today’s review features my first 3″ Luke Skywalker figure.  Luke Skywalker first appeared in Star Wars, a.k.a. Episode IV-A New Hope. Luke was the orphaned son of a great Jedi named Anakin.  When he acquired two droids wanted by an evil empire, his aunt and uncle were killed.  Luke left for revenge with an old Jedi named Ben Kenobi.  Afterwards, went to  they go save a princess with their friends who were pirates (Han and Chewbacca).  Unfortunately Ben was killed during the escape.  Luke joined the Rebel Alliance and destroyed the Death Star.  In the aftermath, Luke and Han received medals of valor.

This figure came out in 2007 and is pretty cool.  He is well-detailed and articulated. He also comes with tons of accessories. So… what brings the quality of this figure down?  The figure’s eyes are starring upwards all the time, like he has been hypnotized.  The figure does come with goggles, a hood and two lightsabers  one activated and one inactive that can be hung on his belt.  7.3 out of 10

Star Lord out.

End Transmission


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  1. I don’t like the look of this figure. meh.

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