Spider-Man 2099

Marvel Universe

Today I am reviewing one of my favorite characters–Spider-Man 2099.  This is Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of Earth 982 a dystopian  future ruled by profit-mad corporations.  Miguel was an employee who was going to quit his job at  Alchemax (one of two very strong corporations)  when his boss planted a highly addictive illegal drug  into his cup.  When he tried to get rid of the addiction through gene therapy, his evil lab partner planted all sorts of DNA into the machine, thereby giving him spider powers.  These powers include talons, super strength, accelerated vision, venom that comes out from fangs and spinnerets.  In the end, he led the dystopian future into a utopia 1000 years later.  The character first appeared in the 90s but we have not seen musch of him since then.  Until now … Miguel is set to return in Superior Spider Man #17-19.

This figure has a simple look to it but it is quite flexible and posable as a Spider-Man should be.  It also has arm spikes. 9.9 out of 10

Star Lord out.

End transmission.

Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 19 Textless

Is this the end of Miguel as we know it?


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  1. I’ve always liked this character. I’m pretty stoked that they’re bringing him back, hopefully for good. I’d much prefer to read a new Spidey 2099 book than the lackluster Scarlet Spider comic that I’ve been buying every month.

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