Cobra Commander version 51 (2012)


Baron Ironblood

This figure review was requested by Mike Hyland from  Mike was the one who had inspired me to start blogging so I asked him what he wanted to see on my blog.  He said any high ranking in character in cobra would be great.  I think this is an awesome choice for my blog.  Unfortunately I don’t have many Cobra figures.  The only high ranking member I have is Cobra Commander, so sorry, Mike.  Cobra Commander has been in almost every version of G.I.Joe to date, save for G.I.Joe Extreme.  He is the infamous leader of Cobra. In the original comics he is an ex-used car salesman who feels cheated by the government and so started the Cobra organization.  In the cartoon series he is a scarred scientist of some insect-like pre-humans called Cobra-La sent to be the harbinger of their return.  In the British Action Force series, he is Baron Ironblood, the leader of the Red Shadows (Action Force’s enemy). He later betrays the Red Shadow’s and reveals the location of the Red Shadow’s base to the UN.  Then he forms Cobra as well as taking on a new identity as Cobra Commander.  In Sgt. Savage and his Screaming Eagles, he makes a cameo stating he had helped raise the iron army(evil robots).  In Sigma 6, he is once again leader of Cobra but with no explanation of his origin.  In the live action movie, he is Rex the Baroness brother and the best friend of Duke  (second in command of G.I. Joe).  Later on, he becomes insane.  In Renegades, he is the sickly head of Cobra Industries (Cobra’s cover). However, he masks his ill-health by appearing  only via video screen.

This figure came with the 2012 retail release of the H.I.S.S. Tank from the Retaliation movie line.  Like the other vehicle drivers of this line, he has only five points of articulation.  On the upside, he has some awesome armor with a flame thrower.  I like to think that this is Cobra Commander’s battle suit when he needs to face his enemies.  While mobility, is an issue his sculpting saves him. 8 out of 10.

Star Lord Out.

End transmission.


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  1. Nice review Sidus. Even i didn’t know that CC was Baron Ironblood. This really was an under appreciated figure; it’s a shame about the lack of articulation. People can check out my thoughts on this figure over on my site if they like, thanks for the plug.

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