Steel Brigade Delta version 1 (2011)


Okay, this is the final installment of the history of G.I.Joe.  After about three years of the new sculpt era, a new series of figures was announced to celebrate the line’s 25th anniversary in 2007.  The line was to feature the 25 most popular characters in their most iconic costumes.  The line is so popular that it still is running today although its name has been changed a couple of times from 25th anniversary to Rise of Cobra to Pursuit of Cobra to 30th anniversary and finally Retaliation.  This new era is called the modern era.  The figures now have better joints and have appropriate proportions.  They also come with better weapons like pistols with removable silencers.

Steel brigade figure v 3a 2011

Anyway, this figure is the Steel Brigade Delta combat driver, not to be confused with the Steel Brigade. This figure came packaged with the V.A.M.P. II, which stands for Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle.  It usually comes with Clutch.  The vehicle is really impressive but I’ll save that for another post.  This figure comes with a helmet, a sub-machine gun and two knives, which is all you really need when driving a huge jeep.  His clothes may look plain but I think they work well as camouflage.  His vest is removable and has a lot of details like packs of magazines.  There is something odd  under the helmet (which is now the common vehicle driver helmet).  He seems to be wearing goggles and a mask. I bet it  gets sweaty under there. While this figure is cool, it is non essential to a Joe collection.  5 out of 10.  

Star Lord out.

End transmission.  


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  1. This is a decent looking figure. I may have to try and find one loose on ebay. Are you tackling Cobra Commander soon?

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