Barbecue version 1 (1985)

 G.I. Joe

If you have read my previous review G.I. Joe Army Paratrooper (2013), you might remember me mentioning the origins of the Joe brand.  Well, this is, in a way, a sequel to that.  After years of success, the Joe line was cancelled in the mid-1970s due to dropping sales.  After about five years, G.I. Joe was re-branded again as America’s daring, highly-trained mission force.  This is how G.I. Joe is seen today in movies.  The line was no longer a single character named G.I. Joe. It was now a team of the best of the best. These figures were 3″ tall.  This era of figure was known as the Real American Hero era. There were originally 13 members (which can be seen on my blog banner) consisting of Hawk, Flash, Grand Slam, Breaker, Short Fuze, Zap,  Rock n’ Roll, Grunt, Scarlett, Steeler, Clutch, Snake Eyes and Stalker.  Over the years, G.I. Joe got more members like Barbecue.  This time the Joes had an enemy to fight –Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.  In the 1990s, the Joe team was filled with ninjas and neon colors which led to the lines demise. In 2002 the line was re-launched as G.I. Joe vs Cobra.  These new figures were quite different from the originals as they were sculpted with new joints.  Most figures during this era called the New Sculpt era often had very long arms and disproportionate bodies.

This figure was released during the Real American Hero era and came out during 1985, one of the best years of G.I. Joe toys.  In 1985, we got characters like Barbecue, Quick Kick and Flint.  This figure is Barbecue and is the Joe team’s firefighter  He is awesome.  He is highly articulated for toys of that time period with swivels at the elbows, torso and head.  He has the coolest look with a suit that looks like a knight’s. He comes with a back pack and foam gun to put out fires and an ax for rescuing people from debris or fighting Cobra. (Even though he is a firefighter, he is often seen fighting).  10 out of 10

Star Lord out.

End transmission.


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  1. Nice review. I actually hadn’t clued in that your banner featured the original 13.
    BBQ was a favorite of mine as a kid. Loved all of the accessories, hose, axe, etc.

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